Compound Verbs

Compound Verbs are formed by the combination of auxiliary verbs and the main verbs. When a verb is formed by the combination of auxiliary verb followed by the main verb, that verb is called compound verb.

have applied for the jobs.

In this
HAVE APPLIED is the compound verb. But this verb has two parts. HAVE is the auxiliary verb whereas the APPLIED is the main verb.

Compound verbs are used much more often in English.

For example, the future tense in English uses the auxiliary verb
WILL as in I will study.

In the following sentences, Compound verbs are in boldface

  1. I will come to New York next year.

  2. He has gone to his college.

  3. They should submit their application.

  4. She is working in the Internet café.

  5. It is working properly.

  6. My sister is doing well.

  7. You father has committed a mistake.

Compound nouns often have a meaning that is different from the two separate words. Here are many more
compound words which are treated as compound nouns.

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