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Compound Words :

Compound Nouns may be formed from...

  1. Noun + Noun

    Examples : Moonlight, armchair, postman, railway, teaspoon

  2. Verb + Noun

    Examples : Sweetheart, shorthand, black–board, stronghold, nobleman

  3. Verb + Noun

    Examples : spendthrift, makeshift, breakfast, pickpocket, cut - throat

  4. Gerund + Noun

    Examples : drawing–room, writing-desk, looking-glass, spelling-book

  5. Adverb or Preposition + Noun

    Examples : outlaw, overcoat, downfall, inmate, inside

  6. Verb + Adverb

    Examples : drawback, lookup, go–between, send off

  7. Adverb + verb

    Examples : outset, upkeep, outcry, income, outcome

  8. Compound Adjectives

    Examples : sky-blue, snow-white, pitch-dark, red-hot, ever-lasting, never-ending

  9. Compound Verbs

    Examples : waylay, browbeat, overthrow, foretell, upset

Examples :

  1. Her father is a Music-Composer.

  2. Ratha is a Science-teacher.

  3. My brother is telephone-operator.

  4. Ramu is a vegetables-vendor.

  5. Devi is a tailor. Dress-making is her job.

  6. Antony loves travelling. Sight-seeing is his hobby.

  7. Mythili is a housewife house-keeping keeps her busy.

  8. Sam likes chocolates, but he does not like chewing-gum.

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