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Complete the sentences using the correct compound words given below.

(Cliff-hanger, boat-ride, dance-hall, open-air, fieldtrip, day-dream, won a silver, golden girl, penguin, padmashree, Indian track, walk on a roar)

  1. The boy used to day-dream about being the world’s best bats man.

  2. The children went for a boat-ride in a crocodile infested lake.

  3. The course on social sciences included a field-trip.

  4. The prince led the princess to the dance-hall.

  5. The children were bitten by the mosquitoes in the open-air theatre.

  6. The movie ended with a real cliff-hanger.

  7. She is known as India’s golden-girl.

  8. She was the queen of Indian-track and field events for two decades.

  9. In the Beijing Asian games she won a Silver-Medal.

  10. She was awarded the Arjuna Award in 1983 and the Padmashree in 1985.

  11. You can walk on a road named after her in Cochin.

  12. Her autobiography, Golden-girl was published by Penguin in 1987.

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