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Complete the sentences using the correct compound words given below.

(impersonated, serendipity, Heathrow, Goldstein’s, invitation, famous detective, lead to, thousand miles, chicken, travels, broadens, sunshines)

  1. Detective Sambu was the famous detective of Scotland Yard.

  2. The Express purpose of Sambu’s invitation to London was to facilitate some large crime gang.

  3. Goldstein impersonated Sambu.

  4. With all his worries and doubts do Sambu landed at the heathrow airport in London.

  5. Suddenly he realised that he had seen the servant in Goldstein’s house.

  6. Once again the day was saved for Sambu thanks to serendipity which stood him in good stead.

  7. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  8. Travel broadens the mind.

  9. He that travels far knows much.

  10. All roads lead to Rome.

  11. Make hay while the sun shines.

  12. Don’t count your chicken before they hatch.

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