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Complete the sentences using the correct compound words given below.

(punch code, million, high school, blanked out, telebooks, crinkly, story-telling, sky watcher, stargazing, radio operator, language teacher, ready-material)

  1. Tommy’s television screen must have had a million books on it.

  2. The pages of the book were yellow and crinkly.

  3. The book was about a high school.

  4. Margie wrote her homework in a punch code.

  5. The history sector in Tommy’s teacher had blanked out completely.

  6. Margie had seen as many telebooks as Tommy had.

  7. Her father is a radio-operator.

  8. Her mother is a language-teacher.

  9. Her grandmother is interested in story–telling.

  10. Librarian gives him a lot of ready-material.

  11. A person who keeps his eyes fixed on the sky is sky-watcher.

  12. Looking fixedly at stars is stargazing.

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