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And no language delights more in compounds, so none (not even Greek) is more felicitous in them than Anglo-Saxon, so that it is in the habit of expressing every kind of condition and consideration without obscurity by its unions of terms clearly and elegantly. Even those who have only a beginner's knowledge of Anglo-Saxon will notice expressive elegance of these Compounds, not without great delight.

Here are a Few Examples :

Names used by Caedmon of the Ark of Noah playing with their variety.

  1. Mere-hus = sea-house

  2. Mere-cieste = sea-ark

  3. Wudu-faesten = wooden fortress

  4. Sund-reced = sea-hall

  5. Waeg-bord = tent on the waves

It is to be observed that the first word in noun compounds……… has the nature of an Adjective.

By George Hickes 1642-1715 : From English Examined : Page 56

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