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Computer Science for Progress :

Computers have become one of the major assets to man. In the field of science no other invention has proved to be so important as the computers. It is a device which helps us to compute numbers and figures and deal with data with a view to analyzing and coming to proper decisions.

Right from primary classes to college, local computer courses are offered. That indicates the importance that computers have achieved. We find computers handling the reservations in the railways and bus booking offices. They help to avoid the unnecessary delay to the passengers. Computers help us to solve the problems faced the economy in the different sections like industry, agriculture etc.

Computers help us to solve complicated mathematical and scientific problems in no time. In almost all fields like engineering, space technology, construction work, computers are used. We have even music composed by computers. There are many computer games for the young. They have become absolutely important if a nation wants to progress quickly. A time may come when computers will completely displace human beings.

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