Conditional Clauses

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Conditional Clauses :

  1. If he had given me his number, I could have telephoned him.

  2. If he had not helped me, I would have failed.

  3. If he had sent me an invitation, I would have attended the marriage.

  4. If he had studied hard, he would have passed.

  5. If I had gone to the stadium I would have seen the Sri Lanka Cricket Players.

  6. If I were a bird, I would fly in the sky.

  7. If I were a rich man, I would buy a car.

  8. If I were you, I would finish it at once.

  9. If I were you, I would not behave like this.

  10. If it rains, I will take an umbrella.

  11. If my friend had come in time, He would have seen me.

  12. If Rama had studied well, he would have got good marks.

  13. If Rani had won the medal, She would have been a champion.

  14. If Ravi works hard, he will get good marks.

  15. If she had prepared well, she would not have scored very low marks.

  16. If the animals had been protected, they would not have died.

  17. If you always speak the truth, you will not miss any point.

  18. If you are kind of animals, they will be your friends.

  19. If you are tall, you will not miss any point.

  20. If you come to my house, I will show you my new bicycle.

  21. If you come to school late, you will be punished.

  22. If you feel sick, you will meet the doctor.

  23. If you had not done your home work, you would have been punished.

  24. If you have a ticket, you can go into the theatre.

  25. If you heat ice, it will be melted.

  26. If you practise swimming, it is good for health.

  27. If you read well, you will pass the examination.

  28. If you reduce the volume of the song, it will be pleasant to hear.

  29. If you ring the bell, the door will be opened.

  30. If you sleep too much, you will feel lazy.

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