Corruption in India

Corruption in India :

Corruption has become another normal word in the Indian Politics. Every day a new comes to light. This is the pathetic condition in which the Indian have to live these days. The tax we pay to the government is being plundered by the politicians who are constitutionally supposed to safeguard the wealth of India. Why the politicians of India are so corrupt that the sense of propriety has totally vanished from their organs is not known. India is said to have drafted the wisdom to be followed by all to live a life of dignity. But the same wisdom has been thrown to air for selfish ends. There should be another revolution in India. But this time it should be against Corruption. There are 1000s of good-thinking-Indians both in Indian and around the world who are willing to sacrifice their lives to redeem India from the clutches of corrupt politicians. We need modern Gandhi and Patel to drive India away from the mesh in which it is caught now.

The grade system being followed by CBSE stream of education in India is said to have reduced the tension among the student community. But how far it is giving the accurate level of the achievements of the students is not yet known. As per the present system, both the students who have acquired 91 and 100 are treated at the same level of proficiency. Is it true? This gives a wrong image to the students who have scored only 91% of marks but are said that they have scored A+. Those students will come to the idea that they are the few among the best in that particular subject. Is this GRADE system being accepted at the higher level for admission? It is not so. When it is not treated as the yardstick for admission into higher levels, why this grade system? If the authorities are really having any concerns about the educational well-being of the student-community, it is better to drop the GRADE system. Scrap this system totally.

The gape between the Haves and Have-Nots is so wide and it is apparent in India. The ordinary people think it as impossible to send their wards to the private colleges for higher education. This is so when the cost of living in India is lowest among the few populated countries. If the cost of living in America is prevailing in India, what would happen? This is beyond the imagination of ordinary citizens. But the pity is the government seems not to be worried about the spiraling cost of living. The Ministers and the VVIPs are safe with their huge money earned by swindling the poor. None in India is worried about the welfare of the downtrodden. The savior is yet to be born in India.

Indian Cricket Team has given another worst performance in the just concluded 20-20 WORLD CUP MATCH held at Sri Lanka. India did not even go to semifinal. The below average performance of almost all players is the main reason for the dismissal of the tem from the match. The Captain is accusing many others for the poor-match played by India. But that is not the main reason. Over-confidence might be the basic reason for their insipid show at Sri Lanka. We, the lovers of Cricket and the people who wish Indian Team win the title match, could do nothing but pray that the next match be as a favorable to India.

Today is not another day in my life. Today has many specials but in dubious sense. There was no electricity. There was no water. There was no cooking-gas. There was not a single shop opened. Today is the day in which I took bath after 9am. I am used to take my bath early morning. But today…the lack of water spoiled the regulars. Again the story of an ordinary Indian who faces the irregularity of the supply of the basic demands of lives is written with a note of sorrow. This is the case of the Indian who lives in the remote village far away from the state capital Chennai. But the people living in the Capital regions are leading a comfortable life. They are the privileged Indians because of their closeness to the place where the VIPs are living.

Corruption in India