Creeping Plants & Clay Dinosaur

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Creeping Plants

Take a garden pot and fill it with some soil along with some compost. Now bury a green bitter gourd seed about one inch deep in the soil. Pour some water.

Take the pot and put it in the windowsill. In a few days time, you will find a shoot coming out.

Now, insert a long stick into the soil, just adjacent to the shoot. Take the growing plant and coil it round the stick.

Later, you will find tendrils, growing out of the plant which will hold the stick as the plant, grow.

If you continue to tend this plant it will grow bigger and within three weeks you will start getting bitter gourd. In that case, it would be good to take whole plant and pot to the kitchen garden, before the plant is very big.

Clay Dinosaur

Using modelling clay make models of extinct animals like the Dinosaurs.

You can refer to books in your school library to get the pictures of many of them.

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