Cries of Animals and Birds

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This is a list of names for the Cries of Animals and Birds.

Animal Cry
Apes gibber
asses bray
bees hum
beetles drone
bears growl
bitterns boom
blackbirds whistle
blackcaps we speak of the“chick-chick" of the blackcap
bulls bellow
canaries sing or quaver
cats mew, purr, swear, and caterwaul
calves bleat and blear
chaffinches chirp or pink
chickens pip
cicadæ sing
cocks crow
cows moo or low
crows caw
cuckoos cry, cuckoo
deer bell
dogs bark, bay, howl, and yelp
doves coo
ducks quack
eagles scream
falcons chant
flies buzz
foxes bark and yelp
frogs croak
geese cackle and hiss
goldfinch we speak of the “merry twinkle" of the female
grasshoppers chirp and pitter
grouse we speak of the “drumming" of the grouse
guineafowls cry “come back"
guineapigs squeak
hares squeak
hawks scream
hens cackle and cluck
horses neigh and whinny
hyenas laugh
jays chatter
kittens mew
lambs baa and bleat
larks sing
linnets chuckle in their call
lions roar
magpies chatter
mice squeak and squeal
monkeys chatter and gibber
nightingales pipe and warble—we also speak of its “jug-jug"
owls hoot and screech
oxen low and bellow
parrots talk
peacocks scream
peewits cry “pee-wit"
pigeons coo
pigs grunt, squeak, and squeal
ravens croak
redstarts whistle
rooks caw
screech-owls screech or shriek
sheep baa or bleat
snakes hiss
sparrows chirp or yelp
stags bellow and call
swallows twitter
swans cry—we also speak of the “bombilation" of the swan
thrushes whistle
tigers growl
tits we speak of the “twittwit" of the bottle-tit
turkey-cocks gobble
vultures scream
whitethroats chirr
wolves howl

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