Criticism of The Process

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Criticism of The Process :

The student will have to write a paragraph with the description of a process. The following are some of the important descriptions. Go through them and prepare paragraphs on the topics suggested by your teacher.

Write a paragraph in about 100 words describing each process.

Mending torn clothes :

Mending torn clothes very interesting. It saves us from the botheration of going and wasting in a tailor’ shop. To mend torn clothes all we need is, needles of different sizes, spare buttons and colour threads. First select the threads of the correct count and colour depending upon the tenture and colour of the clothes. Pass the thread through the needle’s eye. Now hold the torn parts together and start stitching them. We have to use the right type of stitch. Once it is over, tie the loose ends properly and cut the excess length of thread. If we have a sewing machine we can stitch even badly torn clothes.

Connecting gas cylinder to stove :

Make sure the knobs of the gas stove are in the off position (closed). Remove the sealed cap on the outlet of the cylinder. Press the other end of the connecting rubber tube on the gas cylinder’s nozzle. Make sure it is properly secured. See whether there is any leakage anywhere. Now open the regulator, to allow the gas to flow from the cylinder to the stove. Strike a match stick, bring the knob of the stove to ‘open’ or ‘on’ position and then light. You can also use a gas lighter.

What will you do to tidy up a room for a guest who is due to arrive?

First I shall remove all the cobwebs. Then whitewash the walls and paint the doors and windows after cleaning them. I shall decorate the room with wall papers. I shall clean all the photos and hang them properly. I shall remove all the unwanted things from the room and make it tidy. I shall place one or two good chairs in the room.

Explain the process of planting a sapling in your school.

A suitable place is chosen in the school garden. The soil should be good. It should receive good sunlight for considerable part of the day. A good variety of the sapling is selected. A deep pit is made. The sapling is planted in the pit. Composite and manure ate mixed with soil and the pit is filled with it. the sapling is sufficiently watered.

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