Criticism of The Process

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Criticism of The Process :

The student will have to write a paragraph with the description of a process. The following are some of the important descriptions. Go through them and prepare paragraphs on the topics suggested by your teacher.

Write a paragraph in about 100 words describing each process.

Process of opening a savings bank account in a bank :

Go to your bank and ask the clerk on duty at the Savings Account Counter for a prescribed form. Fill in all the columns carefully. Then you need the help of an account holder of the dame bank to introduce you. You have to put three specimen signatures on a special card. A separate pay – in – sleep should be filled in to deposit your money. After verification, the manager gives you a pass book and a cheque – book with A/c number.

How would you locate a particular book in a library?

In any library books are listed in the catalogue which is available with the librarian. The catalogue may be title wise, author wise and subject wise. Most libraries divide the catalogue cards into two namely, i) Author and title cards, ii) Subject cards. If I know the author of the book I can locate the book by referring to the author cards which are arranged in the alphabetical order. If I do not remember either the name of the author or the title of the book. I can consult the subject card and choose the book I need. Thus I would locate the book.

Washing clothes :

Clothes should be washed using soap and washing soda for removing dust and grease. Soap and washing soda can remove dust and grease from clothes. Collect three pieces of cloth having a little grease on them. Wash one piece in water, the second one with washing soda and the third one with soap. Find out which material washes the greasy cloth thoroughly. Silk clothes should not be washed with washing soda. Mild soda should be used for washing silk clothes. And then they should be dried in the shade but not in bright sun light.

Making a long distance telephone call :

There are two kinds of long-distance calls, namely one within the country, another international call. For bath, self-dialling through operator’s help are available. For dialling within the country (STD), first dial code for the place. For example 0452 for Madurai, 044 for Chennai. Then dial the particular telephone number of the person with whom you want to talk. For International call, use the country code, State code and the concerned telephone number. For example, USA, 001; State New York 212. then dial the particular telephone number of the person with whom you want to talk.

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