Cure for The King

Cure for The King :

Once there was a very lazy king. He hardly did any physical activity. As a result he started staying ill. He called the royal doctor and said, "Give medicine to get well. If you don't cure me, I will kill you."

The doctor knew laziness was the main cause of the king's illness. Next day the doctor gave the big dumbbells to him and said, "Your Majesty, you must swing these magic balls in your hands every morning and evening for an hour. Do these till your arms start sweating and you will start getting cured."

The king did this everyday not knowing that it was an exercise. Within a few weeks his body became fit and he felt alert and energetic. He thanked the doctor and asked the cure's secret.

The royal doctor said, "Your Majesty, the magic of this cure will keep you fit till you keep swinging these dumbbells. The day you stop you will became ill again."

The doctor had taught the king to keep fit without offending him.

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