Curses Like Chickens Come Home to Roost.

Curses Like Chickens Come Home to Roost. :

After the day’s restless patter, chickens usually return to the roost for night’s rest. Similarly birds also after the day’s search for food return to their nests by evening. This is a common phenomenon in nature. Just like that, whatever curses a person utters are said to recoil on him in due course. If one wishes ill to befall another, it will usually come true in the case of the cursor himself. A man is said to have abused Shri Buddha once. After hearing all the abuse, Buddha is said to heave told him that as he did not want to accept any of the uttered abuses, it would naturally return to himself. Therefore whenever a person curses or wishes ill of another, he must remember that it will only recoil on him. There is a primitive weapon known as boomerang. If anybody throws the weapon, it will travel in a winds area and return to the person who throws it. Link boomerang, evil curses and doings often recoil in the giver himself. The proverb proves the truth of this phenomenon. It means that just as the chickens return to their roost evil dealings and curses will recoil on the doer himself in due course.

Curses Like Chickens Come Home to Roost.