Cut The Cloth According To The Measurements.

Cut The Cloth According To The Measurements. :

If you want to have a coat stitched properly, you should get the cloth cut in the required measurement. If it is a big coat that you need, you should cut the fabric accordingly. In case of a smaller coat, the pieces should also be cut small. In short, you should cut the cloth according to your measurements. That is true in the case of money also. You should balance your income and expenditure in the right way in order to make both ends meet. The expenditure should never exceed the income and the income should never be less that the expenditure. If it is so, you will get into debts and difficulties. A wise man adjusts his expenditure to suit the income although income and expenditure have entirely different and opposite meanings, they are very closely related. The proper balancing of the two is actually wise economy. It will make a person’s day to day routine smooth and secure.

Cut The Cloth According To The Measurements.

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