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Damage and Damaged

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This page is about Damage and Damaged.

Damage : noun : (a) harm done to things

• Fire damage = damage caused by a fire

• Storm damage = damage caused by a storm

• To suffer damage = to be harmed

• We are trying to assess the damage which the shipment suffered in transit.

• To cause damage = to harm something

• The fire caused damage estimated at £100,000.

• Damage survey = survey of damage done

NOTE : no plural

(b) Damages = money claimed as compensation for harm done

• To claim £1000 in damages

• To be liable for damages

• To pay £25,000 in damages

• To bring an action for damages against someone = to take someone to court and claim damages

Damage : verb : to harm

• The storm damaged the cargo.

• Stock which has been damaged by water

Damaged : adjective : which has suf¬fered damage or which has heed harmed

• Goods damaged in transit

• fire-damaged goods = goods harmed In a fire

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