Dara :

Dara was a shepherd. He was a good man. He was also a wise man. He became the governor of a province.

Some people do not like Dara. They went to the king and said, “Dara is a thief. He takes money from the people. He keeps the money in a box. He takes the money always with him on his camel.”

The king went to Dara’s province. Dara was then riding on his camel with a box in front of him. The king was angry. He said to Dara, “Open your box now. I want to look into it.”

Dara opened the box. There were only items meant for the shepherd in the box.

Dara said to the king in humble voice, “Thios coat teaches me a lesson. I look at it often. I think of my past. I feel humble.”

The king was glad. He made Dara Governor of one more provinces.

Thereafter the people of the whole country liked Dara.


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