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Date : noun : Number of day, month and year

• I have received your letter of yesterday's date.

Date stamp = rubber stamp for marking the date on letters received

Date of receipt = date when something is received

Up to date = current or recent or modern

• An up-to-date computer system

• To bring something up to date = to add the latest information to something

• To keep something up to date = to keep adding information to some¬thing so that it is always up to date

• We spend a lot of time keeping our mailing list up to date

To date = up to now

• Interest to date = interest up to the present time Out of date = old-fashioned

• Their computer system is years out of date

• They are still using out-of-date machinery.

Maturity date : when a government stock will mature

Date of bill = date when a bill will mature

Date : verb : to put a date on a document

• The cheque was dated March 24th.

• You forgot to date the cheque.

• To date a cheque forward = to put a later date than the present one on a cheque

Dated : adjective : with a date written on it

• Thank you for your letter dated June 15th.

Long-dated bill = bill which is payable more than three months from now

Short-dated bill = bill which is payable within a few days

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