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Dead : adjective : (a) not alive

• Six people were dead as a result of the accident.

• The founders of the company are all dead.

Dead : adjective : (b) Not working

• Dead account = account which is no longer used

• The line went dead = the telephone line suddenly stopped working

Dead Loss = total loss

• The car was written off as a dead loss.

Dead Money = money which is not invested to make a profit

Dead Season = time of year when there are few tourist’s about

Deadline : noun : date by which some¬thing has to be done

• To meet a deadline = to finish something in time

• We’ve missed our October 1st deadline.

Deadlock : noun : point where two sides in a dispute cannot agree

• The negotiations have reached a deadlock.

• To break a deadlock = to find a way to start discussions again

Deadlock : verb : to be unable to agree to continue discussing

• Talks have been deadlocked for ten days = after ten days the talks have not produced any agreement

Deadweight : noun : heavy goods like coal, iron or sand

Deadweight Cargo = heavy cargo which is charged by weight, not by volume

Deadweight Capacity or Deadweight Tonnage = largest amount of cargo which a ship can carry safely

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