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Deal : noun : business agreement or affair or contract

• To arrange a deal or to set up a deal or to do a deal

• To sign a deal

• The sales director set up a deal with a Russian bank.

• The deal will be signed tomorrow.

• They did a deal with an American airline.

To call off a deal = to stop an agreement

• When the chairman heard about the deal he called it off.

Cash Deal = sale done for cash

Package Deal = agreement where several different items are agreed at the same time

• They agreed a package deal which involves the construction of the factory, training of staff and purchase of the product.

A Great Deal or A Good Deal of Something = a large Quantity of something

• He has made a good deal of money on the stock market.

• The company lost a great deal of time asking for expert advice.

Deal : verb : to deal with = to organize or leave it to the filing clerk - he'll deal with it

• To deal with an order = to supply an order

Deal : verb : To trade or to buy and sell

• To deal with someone = to do business with someone

• To deal in leather or to deal in options = to buy and sell leather or options

• He deals on the Stock Exchange = his work involves buying and selling shares on the Stock Exchange for clients

Dealer : noun : person who buys and sells

• Dealer in tobacco or tobacco dealer

• Foreign exchange dealer = person who buys and sells foreign currencies

• Retail dealer = person who sells to the general public

• Wholesale dealer = person who sells in bulk to retailers

Dealing : noun : buying and selling on the Stock Exchange

Fair Dealing = legal trade or legal buying and selling of shares

Foreign Exchange Dealing = buying and selling foreign currencies

Forward Dealings = buying or selling commodities forward

Insider Dealing = illegal buying or selling of shares by staff of a company who have secret information about the company's plans

Option Dealing = buying and selling share options (b) buying and selling goods

To have dealings with someone = to do business with someone

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