Death, Debt and Deceit : Proverbs

Key-Words Based Proverbs

Death :

  • Death keeps no calendar.

  • Death is the end of all.

  • Death surprises us in the midst of our hopes.

  • Death defies the doctor.

  • The first breath is the beginning of death.

  • Death is sure to all.

  • Dead men don't bite.

  • The end maketh a good death.

  • Never speak ill of the dead.

  • We shall lie all alike in our graves.

  • A man can die but once.

  • A sudden death is the best.

  • All death is sudden to the unprepared.

  • Death does not blow a trumpet.

  • Death pays all debt.

  • Death rather frees us of ill than robs us of our good.

  • Death will hear of no excuse.

  • Death spares neither pope nor beggar.

  • Debt :

  • Debt is the worst poverty.

  • Debt is a great cobweb.

  • Borrowing is sorrowing.

  • Once in debt, always in debt.

  • Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

  • Debtors are liars.

  • Deceit :

  • Deceivers have full mouths and empty hands.

  • Who thinks to deceive god has already deceived himself.

  • He that once deceives is ever suspected.

  • Trust is the mother of deceit.

  • Deceiving those that trust us is more than a sin.

  • To deceive a deceiver is no deceit.

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