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Declaration : noun : official statement

Declaration of Bankruptcy = official state¬ment that someone is bankrupt

Declaration of Income = statement declaring income to the tax office

Customs Declaration = statement declaring goods brought into a country on which customs duty should be paid

VAT Declaration = statement declaring VAT income to the VAT office

Declare : verb : to make an official statement or to announce to the public

• To declare someone bankrupt

• To declare a dividend of 10%

• To declare goods to the customs = to state that you are importing goods which are liable to duty

• The customs officials asked him if he had anything to declare.

• To declare an interest = to state in public that you own shares in a company being investigated or that you are related to someone who can benefit from your contacts, etc…

Declared : adjective : which has been made public or officially said

Declared Value = value of goods entered on a customs declaration

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