Degrees of Comparison

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Degrees of Comparison :

1. Positive Degree

2. Comparative Degree

3. Superlative Degree

Positive Degree :

Examples :

Mohan is a tall boy.

India is as powerful as China.

She is beautiful girl.

They are late today.

His marks are low.

Her walk is slow.

They are as week as my father.

The train runs fast.

He is rich.

Comparative Degree :

Examples :

The train runs faster than the bus.

I am richer than he.

Mohan is taller than My friend.

India is more powerful than China.

She is more beautiful girl than Sita.

They are later than my father.

His marks are lower than mine.

Her walk is slower than mine.

Superlative Degree :

Example :

Lead is the heaviest metal.

Ravi is the strongest boy in his class.

Mohan is the tallest boy.

India is the more powerful.

She is the most beautiful girl in the class.

His marks are the lowest in the class.

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