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( Verb )

( past and past participle: delineated
present participle : delineating
3rd person present singular : delineates )

Pronunciation : di-línnee-àyt

1. to describe or explain something in detail ( formal )

2. to sketch or draw something in outline

3. to represent something visually using something such as a chart or graph

4. to indicate the physical boundaries of something


Mid-16th century - Latin delineat - past participle of Latin delineare - sketch out - linea


characterize, chart, define, depict, detail, draft, draw, figure, lay out, limn, mark, plot, portray, represent, sketch out, trace


cloud, confuse, muddle, obfuscate, dilate, expand, free, loose, open

Contextual Examples:

• In her speech she delineated the city plan with great care.

• He delineated the state of Texas on the map with a red pencil.

• There is a period, which occurred between the time of being hatcheled and that of being woven, that it exceeds my powers to delineate.

Related Words:

delineable: Adjective

delineation: Noun

delineative: Adjective

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