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Deliver : verb : to transport goods to a customer

Goods Delivered Free = goods transported to the customer's address at a price which includes transport costs

Free Delivered Goods = goods transported to the customer's address at a price which includes transport costs

Goods Delivered On Board = goods transported free to the ship or plane but not to the customer's warehouse

Delivered Price = price which includes packing and transport

Delivery : noun : delivery of goods = transport of goods to a customer's address

• Parcels awaiting delivery

• Free delivery

• Delivery free

• Delivery date

• Delivery within 28 days

• Allow 28 days for delivery.

• Delivery is not allowed for.

• Delivery is not included.

Delivery : goods being delivered

• We take in three deliveries a day.

• There were four items missing in the last delivery.

Delivery : transfer of a bill of exchange

Delivery Note = list of goods being delivered or any note given to the customer with the goods

Delivery Order = instructions given by the customer to the person holding his goods, to tell him to deliver them

• The store has a delivery service to all parts of the town.

• The store will deliver goods to all parts of the town.

Delivery Time : number of days before something will be delivered

Delivery Van = goods van for delivering goods to retail customers

Express Delivery = very fast delivery

Recorded Delivery = mail service where the letters are signed for by the person receiving them

• We sent the documents by recorded delivery.

Cash on Delivery = payment in cash when the goods are delivered.

To Take Delivery of Goods = to accept goods when they are delivered

• We took delivery of the stock into our warehouse on the 25th of last month.

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