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Depart : verb : to leave

• The plane departs from Paris at 11.15.

Depart : verb : to depart from normal practice = to act in a different way from the normal practice

Department : noun : specialized section of a large company
• Complaints department

• Design department

• Dispatch department

• Export department

• Legal department

Accounts department = section which deals with money paid or received

New Issues Department : section of a bank which deals with issues of new shares

Personnel Department : section of a company dealing with the staff

Head of Department = person in charge of a department

Department Head = person in charge of a department

Department Manager = person in charge of a department

Department Manager = section of a large store selling one type of product

You will find beds in the furniture department.

Budget department = department in a large store which sells cheaper goods

Budget department = section of the British government containing several ministries
• The Department of Trade and Industry

• The Department of Education and Science

Department Store : noun : large store with sections for different types of goods

Departmental : adjective : referring to a department

Departmental Manager = manager of a department

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