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Deposit : noun : money placed in a bank for safe keeping or to earn interest

Certificate of Deposit = certificate from a bank to show that money has been deposited

Bank Deposits = all the money placed in banks

• Bank deposits are at an all-time high.

Fixed Deposit = deposit which pays a fixed interest over a fixed period

Deposit Account = bank account which pays interest but on which notice has to be given to withdraw money

Deposit At 7 Days' Notice = money deposited which you can withdraw by giving seven days' notice

Deposit Slip = piece of paper stamped by the cashier to prove that you have paid money into your account

Safe Deposit = bank safe where you can leave jeweler or documents

Safe Deposit Box = small box which you can rent in which you can keep jeweler or documents in a bank's safe

Deposit : noun : money given in advance so that the thing which you want to buy will not be sold to someone else
• To pay a deposit on a watch…

• To leave £10 as deposit...

Deposit : verb : to put documents somewhere for safe keeping
• To deposit shares with a bank

• We have deposited the deeds of the house with the bank.

• He deposited his will with his solicitor.

Deposit : verb : to put money into a bank account
• To deposit £100 in a current account…

Depositary : noun : (US) person or company with whom money or documents can be deposited

Depositor : noun : person who deposits money in a bank

Depository : noun : Furniture Depository = warehouse where you can store household furniture

Depository : noun : person or company with whom money or documents can be deposited

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