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Depreciate : verb : to reduce the value of assets in accounts

  • We depreciate our company cars over three years.

  • Depreciate : verb : to lose value
  • Share which has depreciated by 10% over the year…

  • The pound has depreciated by 5% against the dollar.

  • Depreciation : noun : reduction in value of an asset

    Depreciation Rate = rate at which an asset is depreciated each year in the accounts

    Accelerated Depreciation = system of depreciation which reduces the value of assets at a high rate in the early years to encourage companies, as a result of tax advantages, to invest in new equipment

    Annual Depreciation = reduction in the book value of an asset at a certain rate per year

    Straight Line Depreciation = depreciation calculated by dividing the cost of an asset by the number of years it is likely to be used

    NOTE : no plural

    Depreciation: noun : loss of value
  • A share which has shown a depreciation of 10% over the year.

  • The depreciation of the pound against the dollar...

  • QUOTE : This involved reinvesting funds on items which could be depreciated against income for three years. (Australian Financial Review)

    QUOTE : Buildings are depreciated at two per cent per annum on the estimated cost of construction. (Hong Kong Standard)

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