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Describing The Process :

The student will have to write a paragraph with the description of a process. The following are some of the important descriptions. Go through them and prepare paragraphs on the topics suggested by your teacher.

Write a paragraph in about 100 words describing each process.

How will you borrow books in your school library?

I shall take my library cards with me to the library. In my school, library the books are kept in a alphabetical order. There is a catalogue box. Index cards carry both the names of the author and the name of the book. It helps me to choose the book easily. I note down the numbers of books and request the librarian to direct me. With the help of the classification number I trace the books easily. Then I take the books and hand over the same to the librarian. The librarian makes relevant entries in the register. He collects my cards and allows me to retain the books for a fortnight.

English as a compulsory medium of instruction in schools.

Educationists state positively that the best medium to learn subject is the mother tongue. Making English the compulsory medium of instruction does not welcome a suggestion warmly. It is a burden ‘to the learners. English is a foreign language and a strong language. The students have to master a foreign language with the subject. They are quite disenchanted with this psychological stress. The majority of the statesman, scientists, mathematical wizards philosophers have not choose the medium of English. So, English should not be thrust on students. Students must receive instruction through their native language.

T.V.Serials :

The present day TV serials do more harm than good. Mostly films are telecast. These films are loaded with sex, crime, and violence. This has an undesirable effect on the young minds. Constant exposure of the youngsters to these films only induces than to indulge in crime and violence. The cheap comedies and the cartoon films make the children sit glued before T.V. the T.V. set is rightly called the idiot Box. These programmes in no way contribute to the children’s mental development. They only encourage them to spend their time in idling and in wild imagination.

Any topical event :

One of the chief topical events of 2004 is on the 26th December 2004. on that day Tamil Nadu coastal area Chennai, Nagapattinam, Kanyakumari and Colachel was worst affected by the Tsunami waves. The Tsunami waves led to the death of thousands of people and the loss of property worth many crores. It is indeed and that no warning was given to the people of the possibility of such an attack. The dead were caught unawares by the killer waves. There have been many such destructions by waves in the past also. The government of India has taken necessary steps to take cognizant of the Tsunami.

How would you arrange for a birthday party?

My birthday falls on 13th July. Every year I celebrate my Birthday with great pomp and show. Our house is decorated with paper flowers and balloons. My father has brought sweets and a big birthday cake from the bazaar. The cake is specially prepared. My mother has prepared hot ‘cutief at home. Some of my relatives are to be invited. They will bring presents for me. The party is to start with a group song by my friends. Then they will perform a joyful dance. I will cut the cake which will be distributed among all the guests.

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