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Describing The Process :

The student will have to write a paragraph with the description of a process. The following are some of the important descriptions. Go through them and prepare paragraphs on the topics suggested by your teacher.

Write a paragraph in about 100 words describing each process.

How will you wash test- tubes and conical flasks in the laboratory?

A little quantity of washing soda is put inside the test tubes and conical flasks. Some lukewarm water is added. The inside of the test- tubes and conical flasks are brushed carefully using a brush. Then they are washed with running water. Finally they are rinsed with water and kept inverted in the test tube stands and allowed to dry.

Give a recipe of your favourite dish :

Heat a frying pan with one or two spoons of ghee. Add a cup of rava and heat till it becomes slightly brown. Keep it aside. Chop two green chillies and two small size onions. Heat the pan with oil and add a few mustard seeds. Now add the chopped chillies and onions and boil with sufficient water and salt to taste. Add the rava and go on stirring it, till cooked well. Put a few curry leaves for extra flavour.

Describe the process of obtaining a Demand Draft from a bank.

Go to the bank and pick a DD form. Fill the form carefully, which requires the name of the person to whom it has to be sent, the amount and the name of the bank and place. Write the name of the person who makes the remittance. Hand over the application together with either a cheque or cash including the DD commission. Then the clerk would issue the Demand Draft.

Describe the process of binding a book :

First of all, the pages are carefully arranged page wise. Any folding found in the pages is removed. The pages are then arranged into convenient sections. All the sections are then stitched. The sides of the book are cut neatly. The book is covered with a suitable brown paper. The paper is pasted carefully. Two card board sheets are cut. They must be slightly bigger than the size of the book. They must be pasted on the front side and the backside of the book. A calico cloth should be pasted on the closed side of the book to hold the cardboards. Over this decorative paper must be pasted. The book should be allowed to dry up.

How will you send a letter by Registered Post?

I shall go to the post office I shall handover the letter cover to the clerk for weighing. He would tell me how much stamps should be affixed on the cover. I shall buy the required stamps and paste them. I shall fill in my name and address on the space provided for ‘The sender’s address and write the addressee’s address on the reverse side of the Acknowledgement card. I shall stitch the card below the cover. Then I shall handover the cover to the clerk in charge of registration. He will issue a receipt for the registered letter.

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