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Developing Hints :

Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.

An old lady becomes blind – calls in a doctor – agrees to pay fee if cured – but nothing if not – doctor calls daily – desires to get all her furniture – takes away one by one – so delays the cure – every day takes away some of her furniture – at last cures her – demands his fees – lady refuses to pay – doctor brings court case – judge asks the lady why she will not pay – she says the sight is not properly restored – she cannot see all her furniture – judge gives verdict in her favour.


Judge’s Verdict

An old lady became blind. She called in a doctor. She agreed to pay if she was cured but nothing would be paid if cured not. The doctor called her daily. He desired to get all the furniture. He look away one by one. So he doctor went to the court. The judge asked her why she did not pay. She replied that she would not find the furniture. The judge gave verdict in her favour.

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