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Developing Hints :

Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.

A beggar – thought – would get – more money – pretending dumb ig– got painted a board DUMB – hung on neck – a gentleman passed that way – offered a rupee to the pretender – another beggar – sat near him – said – not dumb at all – pretender beggar – angry – shouted – “You are liar – I always dumb – so now also” – gentleman remarked dumb men – cannot talk – went away – moral



A beggar would get more money if he pretended to be dumb. He had a board ‘DUMB’ and hung on neck. A gentleman passed that way. He offered a rupee to the pretender. Another beggar sat near him. He said that he was not dumb at all. The pretended beggar was angry. He shouted, ‘you are a liar, I am always dumb and now also’. The gentleman remarked dumb men cannot talk. He went away.

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