Developing Hints

Developing Hints is developing the phrases into full sentences and not merely filling up dashes.

Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.

Dick – actor – brilliant - strange character - insists on realism - headache to the manager - a new drama - first drinking scene - water provided in a cup as usual - Dick insists on liquor - manager has to buy a bottle of liquor - second scene – fight - insists on real swords - refuses to handle wooden swords - steel swords brought - third scene - hero drinks poison - manager has real poison - actor in a fix - promises to be sensible in future

Answer :

Dick An Actorn

Dick was an actor. He was brilliant. He had a strange character. He insisted on realism. He was a head ache to the manager. A drama was played. The first was a drinking scene. Water was provided in a cup. Dick insisted on liquor. The manager had bought a bottle of liquor. The second scene was a fighting scene. He insisted on real swords. Steel swords were brought. The third scene was the hero drinking poison. The manager had real poison. The actor was in a fix. He promised to be sensible in future.

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