Developing The Headlines

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Developing The Headlines :

Develop the following headlines in more normal sentences.

  1. Bomb scare in plane

    The bomb scared in plane.

  2. Rain disrupts cricket match

    Rain disrupted the cricket match.

  3. Indian scientist honoured

    Indian scientist was honoured.

  4. Astronauts reach Mars

    Astronauts reached Mars.

  5. Leather fair inaugurated

    The leather fair was inaugurated.

  6. Train driver injured in stone throwing

    The train driver was injured in the stone throwing.

  7. Two killed as bus runs into shed

    The persons were killed as runs the bus ran into shed.

  8. India to enact laws for the improvement of computer

    India has enacted laws for the improvement of computer.

  9. Free power to pump sets restored

    Free Power was supplied to pump sets.

  10. Two persons run over by lorry

    Two persons were run over by lorry.

  11. Police open fire as mob turns violent

    Police opened fire when the mob turned violent.

  12. Girls fare better in Plus-Two exams

    Girls faired well in +2 examinations.

  13. Army out in Kashmir

    The army was out in Kashmir.

  14. Rain improves water supply to Madurai

    Rain improved water supply to Madurai.

  15. India to import wheat from Canada

    India imported wheat from Canada.

  16. Fire accident. Death fall to 50

    The death toll was 50 in the fire accident.

  17. A cyclist run over by lorry

    A cyclist was run over by a lorry.

  18. Acute water scarcity-suffered many villages

    Many villages suffered acute water scarcity.

  19. Hockey match ending in draw

    Hockey match ended in draw.

  20. President visiting Chennai next week

    President visits Chennai next week.

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