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Developing The Headlines :

Headlines appeared in the Newspapers are given in this type of question. These headlines are short statements but they will not be in the proper form of sentences. The students are to modify them and rewrite the statements in complete sentences. There are a few guidelines for developing the headlines.

  1. Passive voice is often used to report the news objectively.

  2. To be precise and brief, the introductory IT and THERE are omitted.

  3. Infinite phrases which show future tense are used.

  4. Abbreviations which may be expanded are used in headlines.

  5. Structure words like A, AN, THE, ARE, WERE, ON, THIS are omitted in headlines.

Examples :

  1. Bonus issue : Cabinet meets today (Headline)

    The cabinet is meeting today on the bonus issue. (More normal sentence)

  2. Memorable Monday for Kapil (Headline)

    It was a memorable Monday for Mr. Kapil. (More normal sentence)

  3. No more talks with terrorists (Headlines)

    There will be no more round of talks with the terrorists. (More normal sentence)

  4. Hijacker to surrender today (Headlines)

    The hijacker will surrender himself to the authorities today. (More normal sentence)

  5. Primary Education : More funds to be released (Headline)

    More funds will be released for Primary education. (More normal sentence)

  6. Power tariff to go up : Electricity Minister (Headline)

    The Minister for electricity said that the power tariff would go up. (More normal sentence)

  7. High court stays speaker’s ruling (Headline)

    The high court has stayed the speaker’s ruling. (More normal sentence)

  8. Water level receding in Vaigai (Headline)

    Water level is receding in Vaigai. (More normal sentence)

  9. Big fire in oil wells in Gulf (Headline)

    There is a big fire in oil wells in Gulf. (More normal sentence)

  10. Girl restored to parents (Headline)

    The Girl who was found missing while going to school is restored to parent by the police. (More normal sentence)

  11. Billa found guilty - sentenced to death (Headline)

    Billa, the notorious culprit and murderer, had been found guilty. He has been sentenced to death by the court. (More normal sentence)

  12. List of ministers – C.M. to release tomorrow (Headline)

    The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu will release to the rest the list of ministers tomorrow. (More normal sentence)

  13. Cricket India takes on formidable West Indies (Headline)

    In the world cup cricket series, India takes on the formidable West Indies. (More normal sentence)

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