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I bought a book from a shop sometime ago. I found only this morning six pages missing. I want to the Manager of the shop and asked for replacement. He asked what was wrong with the copy. I told him the fact. He checked the book and demanded the receipt which I showed readily to him. He asked me why I had not brought the book back immediately. I told him that I saw only this morning. He was convinced and gave me a new copy. I thanked him.

Book-seller : What can I do for you, Sir?

Customer : I want to return this book.

Book-seller : Why?

Customer : Six pages are found missing from it.

Book-seller : When did you buy this book?

Customer : Three days ago.

Book-seller : Why didn’t you come the next day itself?

Customer : I was away on tour. I saw it only yesterday.

Book-seller : Have you brought the bill?

Customer : O Yes! (producing the bill)

(The book-seller gives another copy of the book)

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