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(Two +2 students meet in their school and talk about their friend)

Murugan greeted his friend Suresh and asked him if he was returning home from school. Murugan was shocked to hear the news and said that it shouldn’t have happened to him. Ha enquired Suresh if Madan was badly injured. Suresh said that he had decided to meet Madan would be back to school soon. However , Suresh said that he had decided to meet Madan at his house and enquired about his health. Murugan said that he was also going with him.

Murugan : Hello, how are you. Did you meet Madan?

Suresh : He met with an accident two days ago.

Murugan : How did he meet with accident?

Suresh : When he was returning from school can hit him.

Murugan : Was he badly injured?

Suresh : He had a minor injury. I want to meet him. I want to meet him. I will came with you.

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