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(Two friends meet near a police station and talk about a theft in one of their houses)

Giri expressed surprise to find his friend Dinesh coming out of a police station and enquired the reason. Dinesh narrated that the previous night a burglar had entered his house while the and his family were out of town to attend a wedding and therefore he went to the police station to lodge a complaint. Giri was shocked to hear the news and felt sorry for his friend. He asked Dinesh what he had lost. Dinesh told him that the burglar had robbed a tape-recorder, few silver wares and Rs.1,500/- in cash. Giri told Dinesh that the police would definitely find the thief and get back his belongings. He promised to visit his friend sometime later.

Giri : Why did you come from police station?

Dinesh : We went to attend a wedding yesterday. A burglar entered my house last night.

Giri : What did you lose?

Dinesh : A tape-recorder, few silver vessels and Rs.1,500.

Giri : The police will trace out the thieves and hand over your articles. Don’t worry.

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