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Dictionary Words for 8th October :

  1. Shunt (v) : turn aside, divert, get rid of

  2. Shut (v) : close (as a door), stop

  3. Shutter (n) : movable cover for a window

  4. Shy (adj.) : self-conscious, frightened

  5. Sibyl (n) : future-teller

  6. Sick (n) : ill, tired, miserable

  7. Sicken (v) : disgust, get disgusted, become ill

  8. Sickle (n) : a farm tool with a curved blade for cutting grass etc.

  9. Sickly (adj.) : frequently ill, weak, faint

  10. Sidereal (adj.) : pertaining to the stars

  11. Side-view (n) : a view from one side

  12. Side ways (adv) : towards or from the side

  13. Siege (n) : the surrounding of a fortified place by an army

  14. Sierra (n) : long mountain, chains with jagged peaks

  15. Siesta (n) : a short sleep or rest taken on a hot day

  16. Sieve (n) : a vessel with perforated for net-work bottom, used for separating finer from coarser particles

  17. Sift (v) : separate the fine from the coarse particles with a sieve, scrutinize, examine

  18. Sigh (v) : to draw in deep audible breath

  19. Sigh (n) : the act or sound of sighing

  20. Sight (n) : power of seeing, vision

  21. Sight (v) : get sight of, see

  22. Sightly (adj.) : pleasing to the eye

  23. Sightseeing (n) : act of going about seeing interesting scenes

  24. Sign (n) : a mark or movement, to mean something, omen

  25. Signal (adj.) : a sign

  26. Signatory (n) : one who has signed an agreement

  27. Signature (n) : one’s own name written by himself as a sign of agreement or acknowledgement

  28. Signboard (n) : a board with a notice telling a man’s occupation or articles for sale

  29. Signet (n) : a seal, signet ring

  30. Significance (n) : importance, meaning

  31. Significant (adj.) : important, carrying a meaning

  32. Signification (n) : meaning, act of signifying

  33. Signify (v) : make known, indicate, mean

  34. Silent (adj.) : quiet, without sound, not pronounced

  35. Silhouette (n) : shadowgraph, outline of soil figure

  36. Silk (n) : the soft fine thread produced by the silk-worm, fabric made of this fibre or thread

  37. Sill (n) : the bottom horizontal part of a window or door frame

  38. Silly (n) : simple, stupid

  39. Silo (n) : air tight structure in which green food for farm animals is stored

Dictionary Words for 8th October :

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