Different Ways

Different Ways :

Once, an aged man was going to attend a religious gathering. A young man left his home to go and meet his fiancée. As they went on their way, their paths led them to the same road. They met on the road. Soon, both the travellers began to talk and they became very friendly with each other.

The aged man said to the young one, "Why don't you come with me to attend the religious gathering? You will learn about religious teachings too."

"No, thank you. I think you should come with me to meet my beautiful fiancée. You can also have a grand lunch with us."

But the aged man refused and soon both the friends went on their different ways. But at the religious gathering, the aged man kept thinking of the beautiful woman he could have met. While the young man kept wandering about the religious teachings he could have heard of.

So it's truly said that a person may not change himself but always thinks for the things, the other person possesses.

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