Difficult English Words with Meanings
for 17th March

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Difficult English Words with Meanings for 17th March :

  1. Detour (n) : a round about route, deviation

  2. Detract (v) : divert, reduce

  3. Detrain (v) : discharge from train

  4. Detriment (n) : damage, injury

  5. Deuce (n) : plying cards of dice with two spots

  6. Devastate (v) : lay waste, ravage, plunder

  7. Develop (v) : to grow larger, mature, unfold

  8. Deviate (v) : wander from the right course, turn away, take a round about route

  9. Device (n) : an emblem, a scheme, a piece of machinery

  10. Devil (v) : an evil spirit, temper of mankind, Satan

  11. Devious (adj.) : indirect, round about, cooked

  12. Devise (v) : plan, invent, contrive, bequeath

  13. Devoid (adj.) : free from, not having empty, not possessing

  14. Devolve (v) : to dedicate completely, to set aside for

  15. Devote (v) : dedicate, set apart

  16. Devoted (v) : dedicate, loving, zealous, loyal

  17. Devotee (n) : an earnest follower

  18. Devotion (n) : great love, prayer, worship, piety, earnest

  19. Devotional (adj.) : devotion

  20. Devour (v) : eat greedily, consume to absorb wholly, destroy

  21. Devout (adj.) : holy, given to religious duties, solemn

  22. Dew (n) : tiny drops of moisture, formed from water vapour in the air

  23. Dewlap (n) : fold of loose skin hanging under the throat of cattle, dogs, etc.,

  24. Dexterity (n) : cleverness, ability, expertness

  25. Dexterous (adj.) : adroit, clever, skilful

  26. Dhal (n) : a kind of pulse

  27. Diabetes (n) : a kind of disease

  28. Diabolical (adj) : devilish, impious

  29. Diadem (n) : royal crown, a head band

  30. Diagnose (v) : find out from the symptoms

  31. Diagnosis (n) : ascertaining disease by symptoms

  32. Diagonal (adj.) : joining opposite points

  33. Diagram (n) : a drawing to illustrate something

  34. Dial (n) : a place to show the numbers of the clock or watch

  35. Dialect (n) : language of a community or district

  36. Dialogue (n) : conversation or talk between two or more people

  37. Diameter (n) : line through the center, breath, thickness

  38. Diamond (n) : a bright precious tone, a shape like

  39. Diaper (n) : baby’s napkin

  40. Diarrhoea (n) : looseness of the bowels

Difficult English Words with Meanings for 17th March :

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