Diffusion & Bathing Salts

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All liquid molecules diffuse, if mixed with other liquids. This is very easy to demonstrate. Fill one glass tumbler with water. Now take a filler full of ink. Wipe the outside of the filler carefully so that there is no trace of ink on it. Now, slowly insert the filler into the water tumbler till it touches the bottom. Once it has touched release a bit of ink on to the bottom and then without causing any disturbance pull out the filler. You will see the trace of ink at the bottom. Now allow the water to stand for a few hours. You will see the ink at the bottom slowly mixes with the water and in a few hours time the whole water would be full of ink.

Bathing Salts

Take some warm water. Add a little washing soda to it. Let it cool. Then add some perfumes and some food colours and stir the solution well. Once the solution has cooled, pour the mixture into bottles. Whenever you take your bath, add a spoon of this liquid to the bathing water. You will have a soft and silky bath.

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