Direct Speech into Indirect Speech

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Direct Speech into Indirect Speech :

  • Rahul says, “I love my country.”
  • Rahul says that he loves his country.

  • He said to me, “You are wrong.”
  • He said to me that I was wrong.

  • Sonia says, “I know about politics.”
  • Sonia says that she knows about politics.

  • The policeman said, “Who are you?’
  • The policeman asked him who he was.
  • The policeman asked me who I was.
  • The policeman asked her who she was.
  • The policeman asked them who they were.
  • The policeman asked it who it was.
  • The policeman asked us who we were.
  • The policeman asked you who you were.

  • He said to me, “What are you doing?”
  • He asked me what I was doing.

  • “Are you ready to play?” Murugan said to his father.
  • Murugan asked his father if he was ready to play.

  • He said to me, “Have you anything to say?”
  • He asked me if I had anything to say.

  • He said to him, “Do not make noise.”
  • He ordered him not to make noise.

  • He said to me, “Please help me.”
  • He requested me to help him.

  • David said, “Hurrah! I have passed.”
  • David exclaimed that he has passed.

  • The girl said, “Alas! I lost my watch.”
  • The girl exclaimed in sorry that she had lost her watch.

    Rules for changing direct speech into indirect speech :

    1. Commas and quotation marks should be removed.

    2. Reporting verb should be changed suitably.

    3. Pronouns in the reported part should be changed.

    4. Tense form of the verbs should be changed.

    5. Suitable conjunction should be changed.

    6. Time adverbials should be changed.

    Today …..That day

    Tomorrow ….next day

    Yesterday …..The previous day

    Now ….then

    Has said …..Had said





    Said…..had said


    Grammar Index : 2

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