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Direct : verb : to manage or to organize

  • He directs our South East Asian operations.

  • She was directing the development unit until last year.

  • Direct : adjective : straight or with no interference

    Direct Action = strike or go-slow, etc.

    Direct Cost = production cost of a product

    Direct Debit = system where a customer allows a company to charge costs to his bank account automatically and where the amount charged can be increased or decreased with the agreement of the customer
  • I pay my electricity bill by direct debit.

  • Direct Mail = selling a product by sending publicity material to possible buyers through the post
  • These calculators are only sold by direct mail.

  • The company runs a successful direct-mail operation.

  • Direct-Mail Advertising = advertising by sending leaflets to people through the post

    Direct Selling = selling a product direct to the customer without going through a shop

    Direct Taxation = tax such as income tax which is paid direct to the government
  • The government raises more money by direct taxation than by indirect.

  • Direct : adverb : straight or with no third party involved
  • We pay income tax direct to the government.

  • To Dial Direct = to contact a phone number yourself without asking the operator to do it for you
  • You can dial New York direct from London if you want.

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