Discipline :

As I sat dreaming about my chances of success

I stumbled upon a topic that could lead me to the crest

A topic my teacher was bent on making me learn

So that could, with ease let success be churned…

Discipline is what my teacher stressed on…

A word that could let me make up for the time that was gone

Be it in academic or sports or any other field…

There are countless benefits a confident mind could yield…

A confident mind is the product of disciplined approach…

That, through months of hardwork, let the mind be coached…

Discipline in school plays an important role

In turning us into responsible citizens on the whole…

Discipline at home makes our parents shower on us praise.

Relieved they are to see that there is no need to mend our ways

Indeed, discipline and obediance often go together…

They help us to reach out to success in times of bad weather.

I now realise why my teacher scolds us for being naughty

If we are disciplined now, we shall be successful before forty.

Today, I am trying to be disciplined in each and every step.

Come tomorrow, I shall thank my teachers for turning me into the best.

K.A.Manasa – Chennai – India