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Distribute : verb : to share out dividends

• Profits were distributed among the shareholders.

Distribute : verb : to send out goods from a manufacturer's warehouse to retail shops
• Smith Ltd distributes for several smaller companies.

Distribution : noun : act of sending goods from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and then to retailers
• Distribution Costs

• Distribution Manager

• Channels of Distribution

• Distribution Channels = ways of sending goods from the manufacturer to the retailer

• Distribution Network = series of points or small warehouses from which goods are sent all over a country

• Distribution Slip = paper attached to a document or a magazine showing all the people in an office who should read it

NOTE : no plural

Distributor : noun : company which sells goods for another company which makes them

Sole Distributor = retailer who is the only one in an area who is allowed by the manufacturer to sell a certain product

A Network of Distributors = a series of distributors spread all over a country

Distributorship : noun : position of being a distributor for a company

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