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Dividend : noun : percentage of profits paid to shareholders

  • To raise or to increase the dividend = to payout a higher dividend than in the previous year

  • To maintain the dividend = to keep the same dividend as in the previous year

  • To pass the dividend = to pay no dividend

  • The dividend is covered four times = the profits are four times the dividend

  • Final dividend = dividend paid at the end of a year

    Interim dividend = dividend paid at the end of a half-year

    Dividend cover = the ratio of profits to dividend

    Dividend Warrant = cheque which makes payment of a dividend

    Dividend Yield = dividend expressed as percentage of the price of a share

    Cum Dividend = share sold with the dividend still to be paid

    Ex-dividend = share sold after the dividend has been paid
  • The shares are quoted ex-dividend = the share sale does not include the right to the dividend

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