Do Diddle Di Do

Do Diddle Di Do :

Do diddle di do, Poor Jim Jay

Got stuck fast, In Yesterday.

Squinting he was, On cross-legs bent,

Never heeding, The wind was spent.

Round veered the weathercock, The sun drew in

And stuck was Jim, Like a rusty pin....

We pulled and we pulled, From seven till twelve,

Jim, too frightened, to help himself.

But all in vain. The clock struck one,

And there was Jim, A little bit gone

At half past five, You scarce could see

A glimpse of his flapping Handerkerchee.

And when came noon, And we climbed sky-high,

Jim was a speck Slip--slipping by.

Come tomorrow, The neighbours say,

He'll be past crying for; Poo Jim Jay.

Do Diddle Di Do