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Double : adjective : twice as large or two times the size

  • Their turnover is double ours.

  • To be on double time = to earn twice the usual wages for working on Sundays or other holidays

    Double-entry book-keeping = system of book-keeping where both credit and debit sides of an account are noted

    Double Taxation = taxing the same income twice

    Double Taxation Agreement = agreement between two countries that a person living in one country shall not be taxed in both countries on the income earned in the other coun1ry

    Double : adjective : in double figures = with two figures or 10 to 99
  • Inflation is ill double figures.

  • We have had double-figure inflation for some years.

  • Double : verb : to become twice as big = to make something twice as big
  • We have doubled our profits this year.

  • Our profits have doubled this year.

  • The company's borrowings have doubled.

  • Double-Book : verb : to let the same hotel room or plane seat to more than one person at a time
  • We had to change our flight as we were double-booked.

  • Double-Booking : noun : letting by a travel agent of the same hotel room or the same plane seat to more than one person at a time

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